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Nick Mills

Senior Responsible Officer

Kathy Harrison

Programme Lead

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Data Analyst

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Data Acquisition Manager

Pamela Linksted

Information Governance Manager

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Engagement Manager

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Data Analyst

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Data Analyst

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Data Product Manager

Ally Hume

Principal Architect

Atul Anand

Clinical Lead

Robert Nagy

Applications Consultant and Developer

Michael Gray

Implementation Lead

Sophie McCall

Data Analyst

Paul Mitchell

IT Developer

Amy Tilbrook

Information Governance Facilitator

Stephen Lavenberg

Service Manager

Jennifer Daub

Data Analyst

Clinical Team

The DataLoch team has quickly established our service by working closely with a Clinical Team spanning different health specialisms across NHS Lothian who bring clinicians’ perspectives to the data being hosted and used. Their combined knowledge ensures the quality of our datasets and help us to produce meaningful metadata. Metadata is important as it explains the characteristics of data for researchers, for example describing where data have come from.

The Clinical Team continues to support DataLoch as it develops further, ensuring there is clinical input to prioritisation and project approvals. They are also part of DataLoch’s data cleansing and curating process, validating clinical definitions and data standards.

COVID-19 Collaborative contributors

In March 2020, in response to the needs of our NHS Lothian partners, the DataLoch team focused on supporting the immediate healthcare response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapid collection and linkage of data as part of the COVID-19 Collaborative was made possible due to the extensive efforts of an interdisciplinary team.

COVID-19 Collaborative Contributors

Public Reference Group

DataLoch has engaged with volunteers who have formed our Public Reference Group. The group consists of members of local communities, all with different backgrounds and areas of interest. It is early days for the group, but it is rapidly becoming a crucial voice in our development: the group is influencing our operation, providing ideas for further development, and forming a critical part of our project-approvals process.

Whilst we acknowledge that no one group of individuals can be fully representative of society, the group plays a valuable role in providing a public perspective on assessing potential benefits for society. Members also provide advice on engaging with society more broadly, including reviewing our communications to ensure we keep our language accessible.

We currently have nine members in the group with ongoing recruitment. Please contact us if you are interested in joining. 

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